Over more than thirty years as an educator, I have been delighted to mentor the creative spirit in children and adults through dynamic play, movement, nature, and the arts.

I mentor teachers in public, private, and charter schools. My experience allows me to address a full spectrum of educational issues from early childhood through high school and teacher education. I am a guest instructor, workshop leader and consultant throughout the United States and abroad.

Recently, I am the recipient of grants to develop outdoor play and nature programs in an early childhood center in a low income community and to mentor an inner city school in San Jose. I co-direct the Kindergarten Forum in Saratoga, California, that has served teachers and community leaders for twenty-five years.

I was an award-winning public school kindergarten teacher in the Santa Cruz Mountains for eleven years. I was also a Waldorf Class Teacher in Los Altos, CA and Lexington, MA for fifteen years. Since 1992, I have facilitated teacher renewal and integrated arts curriculum development at the Public School Institute of Rudolf Steiner College, and in the Philippines. I was a founding board member of the National Kindergarten Alliance, and a past delegate to the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.

In March 2012, I completed three years of post-graduate training in remedial education with an emphasis on kinesthetic learning. My first book, Singing Games for Families, Schools, and Communities, was published after thirty years of leading workshops in kinesthetic development at local, national and international conferences and gatherings.

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